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The CEVE Original 100% Leather Backpack comes in various fitting sizes. Compact, Durable, Spacious and not forgetting Stylish.

Do you know that backpacks have been around during the earliest of human history, but they did not get popular until the early 20th century? By then, this carrier became an essential item and the word “backpack” was first coined in the United States.

Now in the modern era, backpacks have evolved int0 many different shapes and sizes, and for many different uses too. From hiking to running, from climbing to traveling, backpacks are suitable for almost any occasion you could think of.

Backpacks can be made of all kinds of materials, which contributes to their flexibility and vibrancy.  Among these popular raw materials, you will find nylon, polyester, cotton canvas, Cordura and many more in the market today.  But as for us, GJH Enterprise, our passion is to bring you great quality leather backpacks in our CEVE Original leather backpacks.

Our leather backpacks are made from 100% cow leather. We assure you that our leather is high quality and of course durable also. They are spacious too, allowing you to fit almost everything for your occasion, be it traveling or attending a class.

And not just leather backpacks, we are also selling waxed canvas backpacks. Waxed canvas backpacks offer almost the same durability and quality as a leather backpack. Not to mention they are the cheaper alternatives to those lavish leather backpacks.

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