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Casual Belt (30)

CEVE Original 100% Leather Casual Belt!

Wearing belts, or even a normal casual belt, will give an extra touch to your already astounding outfit. No matter what you are wearing now, either a dress suit or denim jeans with a polo tee, an extra belt on your waist will never betray you.

Here at GJH Enterprise, we sell high-quality leather casual belts made from 100% cow leather. They are durable as well as stylish because they are made from fine leather from cows that were bred with love.

You can wear the belt to any occasion. It is called a casual belt doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it to any formal occasion. In fact, you can wear it to a cocktail dinner and it will compliment your evening suit nicely, giving you extra marks for setting up a good first impression.

These casual belts come in 3 different widths, which are 1.2 inches, 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches.  You should shop for the correct widths that will look amazing on you. And fret not, they are all in free sizes, so you won’t be having any problem choosing whichever size you need.

If you are still couldn’t make a decision whether to buy this or not, let me tell you. JUST BUY IT! There won’t be any regrets buying high-quality products, right?

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