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CEVE Original 100% Leather Pouch!

Pouch, or maybe purse, is technically a smaller version of a standard-sized bag. They can be slung across the shoulder or tie around the waist, with the latter being a more popular mode of carrying.

There is also a type of pouch that is even smaller in size, which is used to carry miscellaneous items such as coins, keys and any random small stuff you can fit inside the pouch.

One of the main advantages of a pouch or purse is compact. You probably never see before somebody ever complain their pouch is too big, right? Despite being somewhat small in size, it is very spacious. You can actually fit quite a lot of items, from money to smartphone, in the pouch.

At GJH Enterprise, we sell high-quality CEVE Original leather pouch. The few types we have are the waist pouch, multifunction pouch and coin pouch. They are all made from 100% high-quality cow leather, so rest assured that they will last years if you know how to take care of them.

The leather waist and multifunction pouch we sell is certainly amazing in texture and capacious. While the leather coin pouch is sturdy, allowing you to put in as much weight as possible without worrying about the seams.

What are you waiting for? Come and get your leather pouch at GJH Enterprise NOW!

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