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Waxed Canvas with Oil Tanned Leather (14)

CEVE Original Waxed Canvas products!

As you all know, leather has been the popular material to be made into accessories ever since the last century. Leather has so many advantages that made it ranked so high among the best material used. Durability, timelessness, stylish, and many more, those are the advantages leather possesses.

However in the modern era, there is also a new type of material gaining popularity and time passes by, which is the waxed canvas. The main reason is that it shares a lot of similarities with leather. For example, they are durable, they age well and they have a vintage feel.

At GJH Enterprise, we also sell high quality waxed canvas bags and backpacks. But we combine both the canvas and oil tanned leather together as a single material to make into our products. Both of these materials are extremely compatible due to the many likenesses.

These products we sell are comparably cheaper than our leather counterparts. (another advantage of them: considerably cheaper than leather) So if you don’t have the luxury to own leather products, you can always opt for our waxed canvas ones.

If you are wary about owning waxed canvas product because it isn’t made of leather, DON’T. This is a misconception of the society, which we’ll tell you that, it is NOT in any way inferior to leather. Being cheaper doesn’t mean we jeopardize the quality.

So come get one of these amazing and wondrous products for yourself or for your loved ones NOW!

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